​​​​​Experts in health care agree that the new trend for supporting health is by including genetics as part of the assessment. Many patients are doing inexpensive genetic testing through www.23andme.com , and are anxiously looking for practitioners who can support them. However, as this field is evolving, health providers are confused as to how to interpret the raw genetic data, and then what to do about it. Unfortunately, those without enough training, often have bad results when they just look at a few SNPS and start to support methylation too quickly.

Fortunately, as a health care provider, you can now have available to you a turn-key and comprehensive method to provide nutritional genetic support.

Traditional Naturopath, Robert Miller
, along with his research team, has been doing pioneering work in incorporating nutritionally based genetics into health care. He has created a complete turn-key method to Assess, Analyze and then offer custom Designed Support for your patients or clients.

This is a combination of:

  • Two day seminars across the country to introduce to you methyl genetic nutrition. This also includes online pre-class videos to watch before the seminar to prepare you with basics. Click the links above for class information.

  • Coming soon – online training and certification
  • Cloud based software that gives detailed reports for the patients and for you the practitioner. The software, MethylGenetic Nutrition™, allows you to upload genetic information, and for the first time, compare it to labs and symptoms and guides you in the right choice of products. It is critical that pathways are supported in the right order, or it can go wrong for you.
  • Check out the brochure (here) and watch this video here .  
  • A comprehensive line of Professional supplements, only available to health professionals, to offer comprehensive genetic nutritional support. Download the catalog here
  • Ongoing educational support with webinars every other Thursday evening at 8 PM EST. The webinars are recorded and archived if you can’t attend the live event.
  • Click here or the link above for webinars to watch previous webinars and register to be part of them.
  • After attending a class or taking an online course, a listing on a consumer based website www.gettoknowyourdna.com to drive business to you.

To learn if this is right for you, take some time to watch the videos on this website. It will walk you through basics, the software and the professional products.

 Click on the links at the top of this page for live classes, webinars, products and information on the software.  This will positively change your nutritional practice. MethylGenetic Nutrition™ is health care of the future, and you can be part of it now.

​    ​​MethylGenetic Nutrition™
      Assess, Analyze & Design Support™                


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